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Instant Flat Tyre Repair Service

Do you have a problem with a flat Tyre with your lovely car in Dubai? There’s no need to worry now.Contact TyresFix for Tyre repair services and get yourself back on the road in the meantime.We are here to provide you with reliable and foolproof services that will be a vital solution to your Tyre concerns


TyresFix provides you with Tyre inspection in our quality services. We inspect your Tyre after removing it from the wheel of your vehicle. Our inspection includes the following reliable features:


We offer you repair services as well if we observe, it is feasible. At first, we clean the puncture and prepare the surrounding area. Then, we enable the installation of a plug or patch from inside. After completing this, we seal the Tyre according to the industry requirements. Indeed, we try our best to provide you best repair services.


TyresFix also facilitates you with wheel rebalancing services. It is provided to you as part of the whole repair process.

Treadwear Evaluation

We provide services of Treadwear Evaluation. All of your vehicle Tyres undergo this evaluation. This service also includes checking the Tyre pressure and adjusting it as per requirement.

Expert Examination and Recommendations

We have experts at our on-site service center, and they are responsible for examination and give you recommendations as well.

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Repairable & Unrepairable Punctures

Tyresfix.com, is the biggest online tyre shop in UAE.

Repairable Punctures

Your punctured Tyre is repairable if it contains the following characteristics:

  • At the center of the Tyre tread, there is a puncture. The puncture is not on the shoulder or sidewall.
  • The tread depth of the Tyre is above the suggested measure, which is 2/32 inches or 1.6 mm.
  • The puncture is not present on a spot along with another repair patch.
  • The shoulder and sidewall of the Tyre are undamaged.
  • Currently, there is no indication of deterioration of the Tyre.
  • Lastly, the tyre is not the Run Flat.

Unrepairable Punctures

Your flat Tyre is unrepairable if it contains the following features:

  • If the puncture is present in the outer tread block or sidewall, it is unrepairable. We will offer you to replace the Tyre if this happens.
  • The punctures that are too big for a standard plug are also unrepairable.
  • The puncture also presents at an obscure angle is also unrepairable, and your Tyre needs to be replaced.

When to Come for Repair?

We would suggest you come once a month for regular damage inspection. We will ensure reliable services for our inspection and will facilitate you with a proper inspection at our service center. You should come to us immediately if you see the following signs:

1 Your Tyre is having slow leaks. 2 Whenever your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is on. 3 You’re facing a faulty Tyre valve stem.

We are TyresFix, and we are the fastest on-site services provider in Dubai at present. We ensure the high quality of our services professionally and efficiently. Since its inception, our company has gained a reliable reputation. Also, we have become the leading Tyres service provider in Dubai.

For all your Vehicles

  • BMW
  • FORD
  • MG
  • AUDI
  • KIA
  • GMC
  • and more.

Our Trusted Brands

Our selection includes tires in all sizes, ensuring that we have the right fit for your vehicle


When Should You Change Your Car Tyres?

In UAE the weather is very hot in Summer specially and it is strongly recommended to Inspect your tyres before the start of summer.

If you find any wear and tear in your tyres from the edges of the tyres or if you find cracks inside the grooves of your tyres you must change your tyres.

Becoz in summer these cracks start open and your tyre can blast anytime while driving on the road.

Once you buy a car don’t forget to inspect your car tyres even they look good becoz sometime the tyre are old dated and can be danger to driver on the road.

If you are unable to judge the tyre quality you must call us or visit us or call our expert he will check properly to find out the best solution for you.

How to Last Tyres More Longer?

Tyres are the most important part of a vehicle and it needs proper care to make the life of a tyre more longer.

1.You should fill recommended air pressure in the tyres as per car manual

2.You should do tyres rotation after every 10000KM or after 6 months whichever comes first.

3.You should do alignment of your car after changing te tyres and also keep checking wheel alignment after every 6 months or if you find any wear and tear of tyres from outer or inner side wall you must do alignment otherwise tyres will damage in very quick time.

Why Wheel Balancing is Important?

When it comes to shaking of car steering over higer speed Wheel Balancing must need to be checked and fixed.

When you change New Tyres you must do Wheel Balancing to avoid steering shaking.

If you are driving your car and while driving over 80 or above steering is vibrating you must do Wheel Balancing of the tyres toavoid this shaking to drive smoothly on the road

Which Are Best Tyres Brands in UAE?

When it comes to choose best tyre for your vehicle there are some of better tyre brands from which you can select one for your car.
Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Kumho, Hankook, Nexen.

If you are confused to select you can call tyresfix.com to select the best suitable brand for your car with very affordable price too.

Can I get my tyres fitted at home or roadside?

Available 24/7 to fit the new tyres at your home or office location or if you are stuck on the roadside anywhere in Dubai.

What you need is to just give us a call to book the nearest appointment for you.

Which is the Best Tyre for Sports Cars?

If you want sport type tyres then You must go with below mentioned any of the brands and designs mentioned

1. Dunlop Maxx050+
Dunlop Maxx060+
Dunlop MaxTT
Dunlop Max RT

2. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (PS4)
Pilot Sport 5(PS5)
Pilot Super Sport(PSS)
Pilot Sport Cup 2

3.Continental Contact Sport Contact 5(CSC5) Continental Sports Contact 6 (CSC6)
Contisport Contact 7 (CSC7)

4. Pirelli Pzero
Pirelli Pzero PZ4
Pirelli Pzero Rosso
Pirelli Pzero Corsa
Pirelli Pzero Nero

5.Kumho PS71
Kumho PS91

Why Choose tyresfix.com?

tyresfix.com is reliable, has professional staff, affordable prices, commitment, customer satisfaction, 24/7 Service and a wide variety of brands.

These are reasons you can choose us to feel the best experience.